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helsinki - pierre

HELSINKI 6” - Compact, stylish and easy to use

berlin - pierre

BERLIN 10” - Elegant design that will fit into any interior

Smart Home Functions

Security and flexibility at the same time. Choose and combine the options that work best for you. Enter with your mobile, rfid card or a personal secret code.  

A modern intercom. Use your mobile phone to see and communicate with anyone standing at the front door. Let people in with just a click. 

Why should I choose the Pierre smart home solution?

Lamps, cooling, heating, access, alarm, irrigation, shading, swimming pool, sauna, intercom - all controlled by one app.

You don't need an expert to set up automations, scenarios, alarms in the app.

The most beautiful and best user experience app on the market.

Easy installation.

Become our Partner!

We give a discount to all our partners. In addition to this, we organize regular training and a support line available to our partners every day. 

Digital Hive office building on 1600 square meters

The office building of the future is already here