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Pierre Okos otthon - Automatizálások

Tailored to suit your needs

Smart building

A building is not smart because we can turn the devices on/off with our mobile phone. A building is smart when all the operations run smoothly according to your needs. You manage the settings, create what you need and Pierre does the rest. It’s that easy. 

Set all the automations and let everything function optimally. Turn your home smart and personalize it with Pierre. 

The most important functions of automations:
  • We can automate anything, a lamp, an electrical outlet, a door, a heating system or even a scenario
  • Create automated functions in the app easily 
  • Turn the functions on/off in the app easily 
  • Time-based automation
  • Automation can depend on the status of another device or event
  • Automation can be extremely simple when it depends on only one thing and starts at a specific time or as a result of a specific event, such as a door left open.
  • Automation can also be extremely complex when Pierre decides whether or not to start it  based on several parameters. For example, it can start at a specific time, but only if it is already dark and someone is at home.