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Best smart home app

Experience the smart home of the future with Pierre. Get the most out of life.


Pierre is a smart home application that exceeds all your expectations:
  • One app controls everything ( but really everything)
  • Stunning look and user experience
  • The fastest smart home app
  • Complete integration with Apple iOS and Google Assistant
  • Voice control

Our customers claim it is by far the best and most beautiful smart home app they’ve come across.

The application has been designed to suit the user’s needs. Easy to use, super-fast settings, perfect for both the mobile and the tablet.

You personalize the system easily, upload your own images in a matter of seconds, organize the functions according to your preferences and needs, and highlight the most important ones.  

Main functions:
  • Fully customizable
  • Devices (blinds, lights or any other devices) can be grouped into rooms/rooms
  • Convenient door opening, you can access the digital keys in seconds
  • Double confirmation can also be set for any function (e.g. to avoid accidental door opening)
  • Automations - any automation can be easily set up using the app
  • Scenarios - can be created in seconds, so a lot of actions can be performed with one tap and they can even be automated as desired
  • You can look back and filter all log entries, so you can always see what happened in your home
  • Alarm function - no separate alarm equipment is required
  • User management - you can give anyone access to your home, which you can monitor and restrict at any time
  • It can be controlled by voice
  • iPhone and iPad i.e. iOS integration: shortcuts, widgets
  • iOS integration
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Android widgets, Samsung Bixby integration
  • Customizable interface (ideal for hotels as it can even be branded)
  • Camera system integration - no need to install or monitor a separate system

Control everything that’s happening in your home with the Pierre App