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All in one solution

Pierre will make smart: doors and gate access, intercom, lights, heating, cooling, alarm, curtains and much more



Monitor, control and regulate


First of all, it is important to mention that Pierre is a smart system that will monitor, control, and regulate different processes or devices and there is no need for any additional smart systems. Pierre is all in one solution. With more than 40 features Pierre offers, it will make your building smart. Some of the most used features are heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, access control, gate control, alarm, and intercom. 


Connection between devices


Thanks to the connections between devices, you get to have the best possible smart system that can work in a way you choose.

If you set Pierre to open the gate once it recognizes your license plate number, alongside you can also choose several other devices to be triggered at the same moment. This is the beauty of Pierre because you decide which devices will be triggered by one another. You can set Pierre to trigger the cooling, once you entered the apartment, and the lights to go on once Pierre detected your presence.

The patterns can be created in any way you like. And the best thing is that all this can be set up by a smartphone.