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Amazing scenarios to make your life easier

Pierre sets the atmosphere for any moment you choose
Smart Pierre for Homes - Blog -  Amazing mood scenarios to make your life easier

A scenario is a line of actions that we want the devices to perform at the same time. The range can be infinite and can include several different devices: lights, temperature, blinds, doors, and any other device connected to the smart Pierre system. We invented the scenario precisely because we saw the need to speed up the management of rooms and houses. This way you get more comfort because, with one click or one tap in the application, you can run a scenario, which starts the range of actions.


Smart Pierre for Homes - Blog -  Amazing mood scenarios to make your life easier
Here are some example scenarios:

Scenario "Leaving home" - all the lights go out, the blinds are lowered, all the doors get locked and the alarm is set.
Scenario "Good morning" - raise the blinds, the lights are set in "auto" mode, so that when we enter a room that doesn’t have enough light, Pierre turns on the lights.
Scenario "Watching a movie" - Pierre will dim the lights to make the atmosphere suitable for watching a movie and turn off those lights that we do not need.
Scenario "Lunchtime" - the lights in the dining room are turned on and the TV is turned off.
"Good night" scenario - all the lights we don't need are turned off, the night light is turned on, all the blinds are lowered and the heating is set to a certain temperature.
Scenario "Lights in the yard" - turn off or turn on all the lights in the yard.
The number of scenarios is unlimited, so is the number of combinations.

Although the scenarios can be extremely complex, due to the number of devices that you can turn on or off at the same time and can control with one button, the system is designed so that everyone can easily create their own scenarios without any help of a smart home developer.
When you want to create a new scenario, first Pierre loads the current state of the devices, meaning which light is currently on or off, the current temperature, and so on, and offers you the option to remember exactly this current state as one scenario. This way, we save time creating one scenario and we can very easily do the same with two or three clicks.


The real power of these scenarios comes with automatization. You can automatize all these scenarios just the way you need. We can set a scenario to run at a specific time. For example, the “Good Night” or “Good Morning” scenarios can run at the same time every day and you will set Pierre to do it himself. These automatizations can be very simple or extremely complex. You can, for example, create a greeting scenario that is activated when we enter the house. The lights you want will turn on automatically in the house when you open the door, and you can set different lights to turn on whether you come home day or night.

In addition to scenario automatizations, we have another very useful feature where the scenario can be connected to a smart switch in the house. Any scenario we create in the house can be started with a physical switch. This way you get additional possibilities and very good functions that will make your everyday life easier. Read more about smart keys and their possibilities in our blog about Smart switches.