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Be different, with Pierre

When pure luxury meets technology

High-tech property

Besides having a beautiful house, with Pierre, you will convert your home into a high-tech property. With more than 40 features, your house will become even more luxurious and trendy, ready to be controlled with one application on your smartphone.

Highlighted features:

  • heating/cooling
  • lights
  • keyless
  • remote access

You can check the coolest features that will improve your life:


Tablets instead of switches 

For even more pleasure, instead of having switches, you can have a tablet on the wall for controlling devices and have a real high-tech home. This option doesn’t exclude traditional switches on the walls, which can be used alongside tablets in any room.

Pierre smart building solution - Blog - Be different, with Pierre

Keyless entry

Open any door without traditional keys. You can choose and combine several options: smartphone, license plate recognition, RFID, or just a simple location-based key (your smartphone’s location).
And of course, you can open the door from any location even if you are not at home.


Intuitive and modern app

As we move towards the future, we transfer our lives more and more to smartphones, as we use them for most of the day.

The more intuitive and user-friendly apps are, the more you enjoy them. Pierre application is easy to install and use, and the moment you open it, you will get the hang of it.

The application is a modern, attractive, and it perfectly suits one intelligent and cutting edge system.