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Dimming lights for the perfect ambience

Adjust the lights to your own mood

With the help of Pierre smart system, you will easily be able to adjust the light's intensity exactly as it suits you.

With one swipe of your finger, you will change the shade of light and make your room much more pleasant in certain situations. Even if you have multiple independent light sources, you will be able to combine their intensities to create an ambience that is most pleasing to your eye and current mood.

Adjust the lights for every occasion

Be creative and create your own scenarios in which the appropriate lighting will give you a special atmosphere - whether it's watching a movie or a game, an afternoon rest or something else. In addition, you will not have to get out of bed or armchair for all that - you will be able to do everything over your phone.

Also, for those who especially like to play with light effects, the installation of LED strips will allow you to insert an additional light source that, when dimmed, will allow a completely different atmosphere in the room.