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Fancy and innovative office with Pierre

Boost your employee’s productivity and make them feel relaxed

Comfort and more productivity

The office environment can have a true impact on the performance of your team. Pierre creates a strong relationship between comfort and productivity

The secret is that Pierre removes repetitive and mostly mechanical action from the workday and lets the employees focus more on their work.

Besides that Pierre is simply attractive, no more keys, no more switches, no more thermostat, no more lost remotes, no more “open the door”. Just a smoothly functioning office and productive people.


Typical workday example

Your office hours start at 8’o clock. Pierre turns on cooling an hour before, drops in fresh air 15 minutes before. When the first employee arrives, Pierre opens the gate by recognizing the license plate, automatically disarms the security system, unlocks the doors, and turns on office lights.

Yes, it sounds cool, and it is cool! And you can create your perfect workflow with a couple of clicks.

Fancy features:

  • Keyless office
  • Switchless office
  • Tablet on the wall
  • Remote control by your smartphone
  • Smart intercom

Thanks to Pierre, employees feel more comfortable and relaxed, and this is definitely one of the best things about the smart office.