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Feel true comfort with Pierre

Be in charge of your property

It is not just about to turn on and off things...


When you think about your home you probably imagine it to be a true oasis of peace and comfort. Thanks to the Pierre smart home solution you get even more freedom than you expect.

Pierre isn’t just about smart device control. It is about communication between devices and turning your whole house into a one perfectly coordinated system that will work just as you wish. Soon as you set Pierre, you will start enjoying a whole new world of freedom as Pierre automatically regulates devices, and takes care of what you need. 

You can control devices or let Pierre control them for you. The possibilities are endless but easy to use, and most of the time it just works automatically so you don’t need to worry about it.


An example set of events controlled by Pierre automatically


You are arriving home by car. Pierre uses your smartphone GPS position to detect your position. Then Pierre will open the garage door, disarm the security system, unlock the door, turn on the lights, start the AC and close the garage door.

True beauty is that you can set your own patterns for device triggering, and just enjoy while Pierre works for you.