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Future targeting for higher profit

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Blog -  Future targeting for higher profit

With Pierre all the information is valuable


You must be wondering how is this even possible?

Pierre is the master of information, and although stashing of all the data Pierre receives sometimes might seem useless, there is always a way to use this information for the right cause. 

Summer vacations are over, and it’s time to pull out the statistics about visitors, costs, energy, and water consumption, etc. Pierre already has all the information that you need, You can precisely see in which rooms the energy or water consumption was higher or lower, and who was in that room. Are the families, the ones that spent more money in your hotel, or maybe young people who are opened for more different content? 

Pierre has the answers to all these questions, and you can look through the statistics about anything you want to know and use that information to regulate and improve your business. Is it by optimizing the costs or, adding more colorful events - Pierre will help you make the most efficient decision.


Carefully follow your guest's needs


With Pierre, you can also clearly see, which types of content or places, were more frequently visited by which guest. This way you can add more events in the hotel program, and be sure that these events will have the right audience at every point.

You can even take it a step further, and based on the data Pierre provides, create not just theme nights, but themed seasons or even hotels. 

If in statistics you notice that your resort is favorite among the younger generations, for example, age from 22 to 28 and that they tend to spend more money than other guests, you can improve guest's experience even more, by adding more events and content appropriate for people of this age.

The best thing about this is that you can easily apply this strategy to any other age, group, or use information Pierre provides in any other way you consider valuable. 



Even a step further


But if we want to look even further and dig a little deeper, Pierre is much more than the present regulator. All the information Pierre collects during the day, week, month, even a year, can be used for analyzing, and precise calculations. It probably sounds challenging when we say that Pierre learns by the time and uses experience to work better. If you think about it, it sounds almost human.

This is exactly what separates Pierre from other smart systems. Pierre is an intelligent brain that can help your business improve very quickly, yours is just to use all that Pierre has to offer.

Pierre keeps all the records about how much money guests are spending. All the reservations, additional bookings, or room services guests used, everything is collected and preserved. Now, comes the most valuable part. You can use the information that Pierre has ready for you, and based on these reports develop a whole new marketing strategy and approach.