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Increase your building’s value with Pierre

With smart functions, your building’s value is increased for at least 20%, and you can sell the apartments more easily
Blog - Increase your building’s value with Pierre

Why Pierre?

As an investor, you always have to think about finding new and creative solutions to offer the residents a better quality of life, and there is no better way than developing smart buildings. 

Pierre will lift your property value and launch your investment to the top of the market. Smart Pierre system offers more than 40 different functions that can improve your building. It doesn’t cost much, but it can have a big impact on apartment sales.

We can say that the investment itself is really small compared to how much you get with Pierre. You boost the building’s value and the apartment sale, at the same time. 


Blog - Increase your building’s value with Pierre

Sell apartment faster

Residents will be much more excited to buy smart apartments because of the comfort they will have, thanks to Pierre. 

You can also expect to sell apartments much faster, because of all the possibilities you will offer to your customers. They will have control over the apartment with their smartphones and enjoy a more luxurious life.