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Optimize operational costs

Pierre takes care of heating/cooling, air quality, and other energy consumers to save money

Pierre will understand how your business works

Set Pierre to work in your favor, and choose work hours for devices that suit your office routine the best. This way Pierre makes sure that devices work only when there is a clear need for that. 

Real office-life examples of how Pierre saves energy

You can set a specific interval for heating/cooling, and other devices to be on, according to the office routine. This smart system is perfectly coordinated to trigger devices into working, exactly when they are supposed to, and this directly leads to energy saving





Smart light automatization

If it’s daylight there is no need for lights to be on. Pierre detects this, and despite the fact that there is presence in the room, the lights stay off. As it’s getting dark, Pierre will turn on the lights, but that is only until the last employee leaves. After a while, the lights go off, for there is no presence in the office.

Act, alert, or both

If a door or a window is open somewhere in the office, Pierre immediately turns off the heating or cooling, so there is no unnecessary energy consumption or you can set up to alert on your smartphone so that you close windows and doors. 


Save time

We are all familiar with the phrase “Time is the money”, so it is important to say that with Pierre you save time too, for everyone who works in the office. Pierre automatically regulates heating, cooling, lights, access, and much more. There is no need for switching devices on and off many times a day. Pierre does it all

After the workday is over, Pierre turns off devices, lights and locks the doors. This way you don’t have to worry about leaving some devices on.