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Pierre application

iOS & android

Dedicated to build value

As we all move into the high tech future, we are more and more focused on our mobile phones. We use many different applications every day and spend more than 5 hours a day on our smartphones. 

With this in mind, our goal was to search for the best possible user experience. We wanted to create an app that is easy to use, and fun to use.

Our team is highly dedicated to creating the best possible smart building app. Because of that we never stop, we carefully listen to our customers and we are constantly improving the app according to their feedback.

The Pierre app is available for smartphones and tablets, both for android and iOS devices. Once installed, you have the entire home or office in the pocket. 

We realized that every home, every building is different, with different functions, and with different needs by their owners. Because of that, we made our app customizable. The user with a few simple taps can easily customize the app dashboard or just choose from our presets.

With this approach and a stunning design, we created something that is really valuable.


Check out the screenshots of our app:

Mobile app


We have both android and iOS app.