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Pierre - One smart system for automatization of the entire building

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When we say smart home or smart building, the first thing that comes to people's minds is luxury, in all aspects. However, it is very important to look at the fact that having a smart home is, above all, very practical, and it doesn't even have to cost much.

Using the latest technology available, our idea was to build a smart system that will provide you with a unique smart solution for your building, office, or home. The goal is to make the most of the latest technology and build a highly functional system, which will not require large additional investments.

Connections in the system are made with standard signal cables and all devices connected to the system can communicate with each other. The point of enabling communication between devices is to achieve complete automatization.


With one application on your phone, you have the ability to manage the entire building from any location. There is no need to install additional smart systems, nor to purchase additional equipment.


Why Pierre?

Most smart systems require the installation and use of special sockets, light bulbs, and devices that you can control with special systems. In addition to the fact that you have to buy them in specialized shops, they cost much more than classic light bulbs or sockets. Pierre overcomes this challenge and allows you to connect standard devices and sensors to a smart system and thus automate your home.

It is this detail that sets Pierre apart from the competition because you get one smart solution for the whole building - a fully automated smart building, office, or house that will work exactly the way it suits you.