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Pierre Version 1.1

Integrated video surveillance in the application as well as "jiggle mode" options for icons
video nadzor - Pierre

In Pierre version 1.1 we have successfully integrated a complete monitoring system so there is no need to use some other devices. The cameras are directly connected and synchronized with the application.

You do not need an additional application to have an insight into the cameras, but you can see what is happening in your home directly from Pierre, at any time, and from any location.

In future versions, the plan is to connect the surveillance system to our notification system so that Pierre can send notifications to certain users about motion detection in restricted access.

A segment that is very important in this version is the “jiggle mode” that we used to allow users to rename a field, add an image to a field, or create some automation. So, for example, for a group of lights in the hallway they can add a picture of the hallway, put the name of the field - hallway or something they want and add auto mode conditions that can be, for example:
- The motion sensor is activated, turns on the light
- Activate the lights in the hallway at a certain time
- If the light sensor detects that it is night, activate the lights in the hallway.

New features
  • Integrated video surveillance
  • "Jiggle mode"