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The biggest changes have been made in the design field to achieve an even better UX
Kontrola pristupa - Pierre


In the part for access to rooms, parts of the yard, main entrance, or garage in version 2.0, we have improved the animation when activating/deactivating so that the user has a more pleasant user experience. All doors/gates also show the state they are in, whether it is unlocked/locked or open/closed.

Also, in addition to activating/deactivating the functions, it is also possible to set an option to keep the door open and lock it automatically. In this version, we have integrated access to scenarios so that one click can activate the scenario "leaving the house" when all doors and gates get locked, all lights turn off, yard lights activate, the alarm activates and watering is set to automatic.

New functionalities:
  • New design
  • Access integrated into scenarios
  • Improved animation on activation / deactivation
Istorija promena - Pierre


History shows all changes that have occurred in the application itself. In addition to the changes themselves, it is also shown which user activated the function as well as the time at which it occurred. From this data, you can see which user frequently activates which devices and create scenarios that will trigger a group of devices with just one click and make it even easier for you to function in your home.

Another advantage is that in this way you actually have an overview of practically all activities related to the smart home in your home, and you can come to additional conclusions.

All changes have the appropriate icons to make it easier to view and use this part of the application.

New functionalities:
  • New design
  • History by users
  • The time at which the change occurred



Izgled aplikacije verzija 2.0 Pierre


A significant part of improvements in version 2.0 relates to the usability and ease of managing the home screen. Numerous tests have shown us that it is crucial to have all the important functions that users often run on the home screen.

With the new design, we have achieved greater visibility, but also enabled users to access more functions on the home screen. The feedback animation when activating/deactivating a function has also been changed so that the application itself clearly sends a "response" that the function has been executed.

New, modernized icons have been inserted, which even more clearly show the functions themselves, but also the states in which the devices are closed/open, on/off.

New functionalities:
  • New UX
  • New icons
  • Advanced animations