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In version 2.1, we corrected minimal current errors, improved the stability of the system itself, and implemented new functionalities.
korisnici - Pierre


After the last update of the application, users have more options to independently manage access levels. From now on, the main admin of the system will always be able to easily add a new user and when adding, immediately select access levels in the application itself, whether these are light groups, entering different spaces, or special system functionalities.

In order to provide users with the highest possible level of autonomy, all functions are very intuitive to use. Regular improvements to the user interface are created in such a way that they do not disrupt the habits of the user, but that we always give more options for independent management with small but important changes.

New functionalities
  • Add, remove and modify users
  • Different levels of access
  • Notification about changes via email
Kiosk interfejs - Pierre

Kiosk UI

A very important aspect of our work is the "quality" of the application. We pay much attention to the attractiveness and simplicity of the application.

The new Kiosk interface was created as an idea to provide our users with more than they expect. Since we use several different devices nowadays, the Pierre application has received a refreshed design, with a modern concept that gives the user clear feedback during use but also "forces" him to further explore and "learn" the application itself.

Also, the Kiosk focuses on usability, and a special module made in this version allows you to adjust the tablets on the wall so that the most important functions are available to you immediately - basically, this mode allows the user to have the functions he often uses available immediately at home-screen.

New functionalities
  • Modernized interface - mobile and tablet
  • "Kiosk" mode
  • New icons
  • Manage application by yourself (drag and drop)
scenariji Pierre


The main goal of creating a scenario is to enable users to activate a group of devices that are part of a particular scenario more easily. The management options are numerous and the users themselves have the ability to create and remember a scenario so that every next time, instead of having to activate each device individually, they can do it with just one touch/click.

For example, we can memorize a "good night" scenario that would, when activated, turn off the lights in the house, turn on the night lights, reduce the heating/cooling to night mode, lower the blinds, turn on the alarm... We can also create many other scenarios depending on the lifestyle and needs of the users.

New functionalities
  • New interface - mobile and tablet
  • Blinds integrated into scenarios
  • Create a scenario by yourself (drag and drop)