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Significant improvements in the design field with an emphasis on the home screen. New option - dimming. The application is also available on iOS devices.
Početni ekran - Pierre


Version 2.2 brings a number of innovations to the design. After detailed testing, we have successfully implemented a completely new design of the home screen (dashboard) so that the user has even easier and simpler access to all important segments of the application.

The improved design keeps up with the changes. Elegant lines, clear response when performing various functions, enable very easy navigation after only a few encounters with the application.

Although we think in advance about the most important functions for each user, we always leave a possibility for the user to independently edit the "look" of the application, which is also very simple and fun.

The new design allows the user to get an insight into all the important functionalities in the home/apartment/office at the first display of the application screen.


iOS - Pierre


As of version 2.2, Pierre is officially available on all iOS devices as well!

A very important step for us since the goal was to make Pierre available on all platforms.

The iOS version has been successfully tested and proved to be stable to work without problems that would affect the operation of the application, home security, or endanger the devices themselves.

Dimovanje - Pierre


After successful testing in production, we released the option of dimming different light groups.

Nowadays, this is one of the more important functions that significantly contributes to the atmosphere in the house.

Pierre, as always, puts the emphasis on the user, easy usage, and likable design, so dimming management is very fun and easy.