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Real-life scenarios

Control entrances and devices with your smartphone from anywhere

Arrive home by car

Once the resident arrives in front of the gate, Pierre opens it by recognizing a license plate number. Another option is opening the gate or garage door by arriving near your home using your smartphone GPS.

With Pierre, there is no fuss, no delay, just smooth entry. Once the resident enters the previously set range Pierre can also trigger heating or cooling. 


Step in the building


As soon as the resident enters the building, the lights in the hallway and staircases go on automatically.

The moment a resident enters the apartment, Pierre has already triggered previously chosen devices to work and the conditions inside the apartment are perfectly set according to their needs



Smart Intercom

One of the best features Pierre offers is a smart intercom. If a bell rings, there is no need to run to the door, the smartphone will ring too. Residents can see who is at the door through the application, and open it, without even getting off the couch, or without even being in the apartment. Remote access control is an excellent option because residents, for example, can open the building door to the postman, and not miss getting the package on time. 


Control and watch over your smartphone

Handyman needs to come and fix something, and no one is at home. Thanks to Pierre, you can easily open the door remotely and at the same time watch over the situation at the apartment, from your smartphone. As soon as the handyman walks out, you lock the door also with your phone. Plus, you gave the handyman access only to the room in which is the thing that needs to be fixed.



Turn off


Have you ever been worried about leaving some devices on, after you have left the house? In order to be able to focus on other stuff for the rest of the day, and stop wondering, Pierre enables us to check the situation with our smartphone, and turn the devices off. The same thing happens sometimes with garage doors. But with Pierre, there is no more turning back to check and no more worries.