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Release 2.4

New functions: smart alarm and notifications

Smart Alarm

One of Pierre's new security features is the Smart Alarm. The system supports all the functions of a regular alarm system so you will not need to invest in a special alarm system.

The smart alarm function uses ordinary analog motion sensors, which we also use to automate lighting and thus make additional savings.

With one click you can activate or deactivate the alarm system via the application on the tablet or phone (deactivation, for example on the tablet, can be done using a fingerprint, password, etc.).

In case the motion sensors detect the presence, the alarm will be activated and the alarm siren will sound.

Additional possibilities are that you can set more functions to be activated at the same time, e.g. the door will be locked, the blinds will be lowered, all the lights will be on, etc.

When the alarm is activated, you receive a notification of the current event via the application.

You can set up three notification levels:

  • silent - when the notification appears in the activity logs,
  • notification in the form of a text notification in the application and
  • call - in the form of a call with the inscription (e.g. activation of the alarm) and when you raise it, the desired page in the application opens (e.g. cameras).


Notifications Pierre


One of Pierre’s new features is smart notifications.

In the Alerts section, you can add what notification you want to receive. The first steps are to name the notification, select the place, add an image if desired, and then select the notification level (silent, notification, call) and which page to open.

You also have the option of adding Auto mode conditions. For example, if a flood occurs in a room, the flood sensor reports that there has been a water spill, and at that moment the water on the mainline of the installation will close.

Notifications have proven to be very useful in terms of security, but also in terms of various functionalities in the home so that you know what is happening at any time.

It is important to point out that they are very easy to manage. Each user can create them completely independently, change them, and, practically, adapt them to their lifestyle.