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Smart entrance control

Open doors with your smartphone, license plate recognition, RFID card or GPS location and give access to anyone you need

Pierre system for smart homes is different from all systems available on the market. Our goal was never to copy a solution just because everyone else is doing it one way. This was also a situation with entrance control.
Before we create a new function, it should go through our entire development team, we should all agree, and if it is all technologically acceptable, then we test it in real situations. When we talk about smart entrance control a lot of things need to be considered. We have several types of entrances, for example, gates, doors, garage doors, ramps, and so on, and different people have to open these entrances.
For example, if it is a family house or apartment, then we should think about the children, and the maid too. If it is an office then you need a system that all employees will be able to use easily.


With Pierre, all the keys are digital and in the application. They are grouped by buildings and locations and are always available to us, which means we don’t have to carry standard keys in our pockets. In addition to these smartphone keys, we have the ability to use magnetic cards or for example bracelets for kids which they can put around the wrists for Pierre to read them. Also, the code can be typed for entry, or there may be a camera at the entrance that records license plates, based on which one ramp opens.

We can also give the keys we have in the application to others, that is, we can give them permission to enter certain doors based on a certain period of time. So, it can be a key that they can use non-stop on that door, and it can be a key that is time-defined, and it can only be used for a certain period of time. This means, for example, that we can give our maid the key so that she can enter our house only on Fridays between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, and only a certain door.




In addition, a very good thing when we have digital keys is that at any time these keys or privileges can be taken away from someone permanently or only temporarily. For example, the maid got sick and won’t be coming for the next 3 weeks, so we take away her privileges because another maid will be coming.

Alongside permissions, for the door, or the keys, we can have automatization with which we can determine when the door can be unlocked or locked. This automatization is one of the most important innovations when it comes to smart entrance control because with these automatizations our users get countless solutions to set up those that suit them.

When we talk about smart entrance control, Pierre's real power is in automatization, for we can unlock and lock some doors based on a trigger.


One example is a family home where there is no need for the front door to be locked during the day, as you will most likely go in and out multiple times and you can set the door to be locked or unlocked for a period of time. Automatization will look like this: leave the door unlocked during the day, so we can go out into the yard without staying locked outside.

Another example of this is the office space where the door is set to be unlocked during business hours every working day. When the first employee enters the office, the door is unlocked and remains so until the end of working hours. However, if it is a non-working day, for example, a non-working Wednesday, and no one has entered the office, the door will remain locked all day because no one has entered the building.


Automatizations are countless, relationships can be extremely complicated and can depend on any sensor, device, location, who unlocked something, and so on. We have designed the application so that each user can easily and simply set up the automatization and it is not necessary for the programmer to come to set the desired function.

In addition to the fact that with Pierre, our users get several different options in choosing their keys - digital key, magnetic card, code keys, they still have the opportunity to use standard classic keys. So, as an alternative, this option always exists, but it can also be completely dismissed in order to use only digital keys and have a keyless building or a keyless apartment.