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Smart light control

Control any type of lighting, simply, via the app

Pametna kontrola osvetljenja

One of the basic functions that almost every smart home system has is lighting control. What makes our Pierre system stand out is that there is no need to use special smart lamps and smart switches, which are even more expensive compared to the classic ones. With our system, you can use standard, most common lamps, which can be purchased in any store.

When controlling the lighting, you have the option of turning the lights on and off, dimming, and adjusting various automatizations. Also, Pierre can control all types of lamps, regardless of how big consumers they are. It could be a small LED lamp or a larger spotlight in a stadium, for example.

Pametna kontrola osvetljenja

You can easily control the lights via the app on your phone. We have enhanced the user experience ever more in our application so that users can very easily, place an image for each lamp and besides the name have the status of the lamp displayed - on / off. Visually, everything is very clear and simply presented, so that even without reading, you can see everything precisely. When using the application, you also have the freedom to control the lamps from any location.

When you decide on a smart system, in addition to users wondering what kind of lamps Pierre controls, some of the most common questions are how cables should be pulled and whether it is expensive. If we compare the smart system Pierre and classic lighting control with switches, pulling the cables is easier for Pierre, and you need fewer cables because we connect everything in one place. Read more details about this in the blog post about Pierre Installation.


Pametna kontrola osvetljenja

Although the most important thing for smart systems is that we can control devices with phones, this is not the best solution for all situations. That is why we have created a system in which you can combine lamp control via the application with physical switches that we are all used to. Adjustment of smart switches is designed to be flexible so that you can very easily change what each switch controls and in what way.

A very important thing about lighting is automatization that you can easily adjust in the application. According to different user needs, you can set automatizations in many different ways, just the way it suits you.

Pametna kontrola osvetljenja

Automatizations can be very simple or very complex. For example, the light can turn on when motion is detected in a room. In addition, you can set the light to turn on when it gets dark, or every day at a specific time, to work for a certain period of time. You can easily set up all these automatizations yourself in just a few clicks, without the help of experts or special instructions.
The next great option is also the additional security that Pierre offers you. In case you are going on vacation, you can create a scenario in which you will turn on certain lights in the house every night so that it does not seem that you are absent, and in this way, you protect yourself even more from potential intruders.

Pametna kontrola osvetljenja

When it comes to light control Pierre has another remarkable function. In addition to automatization, we can also set scenarios for lighting control. This is one of the most useful functionalities because with one click you can control countless lamps that are connected to the system. As an example, we can name the scenario, "Good night" where you turn off all the lights with one click, and turn on the night lights. Setting up a scenario is very easy via your smartphone. For more details, read our blog post about Scenarios.

Without additional smart bulbs, installation is very simple and although the lighting control is one of the most basic functions, we have made sure that it is easy to manage and that you feel comfortable and pleased while using the application.