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Smart switches

Thanks to Pierre standard switches become smart
Smart switches

When you decide on a smart home, you surely expect to completely control it with your smartphone. But, as old habits die hard, we felt a need to leave the physical control switches as an option and that is why we didn't throw them out of use in Pierre. In many cases, it is more practical to press a switch than to turn on a light with a phone or tablet. Also, there are users who prefer to have switches at home, others maybe do not have enough technical knowledge or do not have access to the application. In the bathroom, for example, it is much more practical to have a physical switch on the wall to turn the lights on and off. The switches used in Pierre are standard switches, available in a wide range of options, and can be purchased at almost any electrical equipment store. Therefore, it is much more affordable, because you do not have to spend a lot of money on a special smart switch, and in this way, the design is adapted according to your interior.

Smart switches

The options for switches settings are very flexible and they move from the simplest to extremely complex. You can use the button to turn on one light or a group of lights in your home, and also have special switches to turn on one light in a group. In addition to light control, we can use the switch to control other devices: raise and lower the blinds, turn on one connector, turn on or off all the lights in the yard, and the switch can also serve as an SOS button in case someone needs help, etc. The switch can be programmed to such an extent that you do not have to pay any attention to which lights are on and which are off. For example, before you go to bed with one button in the bedroom, you will turn off all the lights in the house that should not work during the night. One of the most important, at the same time the most complex functions is that the switch can start a predefined scenario. Read more in our blog about Scenarios.


In one scenario, you can insert a series of devices for which you will set a certain status when selecting a given scenario. For example, in the scenario "Leaving home" - you turn off all devices, turn off all lights, lower the blinds, turn on the alarm, lock all the doors, set the temperature to default, and all with one switch. The power of this function is that you can use the switch for any so-called action.

One switch is very easy to program and everyone can do it in the application, as well as change the function of the switch, later on, to adapt it more to their habits.
That is why when our clients install Pierre in their house or office and want only two switches to turn 2 groups of lights on and off, we always recommend that they install a larger number of switches because they can certainly be used later.