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Icon  Access control 34
Access control
Different options of keyless entry
Icon  Access via mobile phone
Access with smartphone
Use smartphones as a key
Icon  RFID Access
RFID Access
Keyless entry with keycards or RFID bracelets
Icon  License plate 0
License plate recognition
Keyless option for cars
Icon  Remote acces
Remote access management
Control and regulate access remotely
Icon  (Mobile GPS)
Location-based trigger
Trigger devices based on your GPS location
Icon  42
Custom access levels
Give different access roles for different people
Icon  42 0
An infinite number of access log
Tracking and saving all the data in the background
Icon  Alarm integration
Security system
Built in smart security system, live building info over your smartphone
Icon  Intercom integration 25
Intercom integration
Smart intercom integrated to our Pierre app, open doors from anywhere
Icon  AlertsNotifications
Alerts & Notifications
Get the right information on time on you smartphone or tablet
Icon  interval set up
Interval set up for any device
Useful for night lights or irrigation, but also for any other device
Icon  gate control
Gate and ramp control
Open by licence plate recognition, GPS position or with smartphone
Icon  Garage control 14
Garage door control
Open by licence plate recognition or GPS position
Icon  Door control
Entrance control (keyless building)
Keyless door unlocking solutions
Icon  Heating control
Heating and cooling control
Managing the heating and cooling in a smart way, even remotely
Icon  Floor heating
Floor heating and cooling
Make your floor heating smart and save energy
Icon  44
Ventilation system integtration
Drop in fresh air in a smart way
Icon  Air quality control
Air quality control
Detect air quality in any space and alert
Icon  Light
Light control
Automatize or remote control of lights
Icon  Light
Brightness sensors
Create automatizations based on brightness level
Icon  Intercom integration 03
Door and window sensors
Trigger devices if your doors or windows are opened
Icon  motion sensor
Motion sensors
Trigger devices or alert based on motion detection
Icon  presence sensor
Presence sensor integration
Trigger devices based on presence, or just use as a security system
Icon  temperature
Temperature sensor integration
You can forget for thermostat
Icon  humidity sensors
Humidity sensor integration
Detect level of air humidity inside or outside
Icon  rain sensors
Rain sensor integration
Trigger devices when raining
Icon  soil moisture sensor
Soil moisture sensor
Pause irrigation if there is no need for that
Icon  Energy consumption
Energy consumption tracking
Save and monitor building's energy consumption - IN PROGRESS -
Icon  Water consumption
Water consumption tracking
Save water, optimize consumption - IN PROGRESS -
Icon  physical control buttons
Physical control buttons
Old-fashioned push buttons combined with digital buttons
Icon  smart control buttons
Smart control buttons
Variety of options in smart control buttons
Security camera integration
Live streaming through our app
Icon  weather forecast
Weather forecast integration
Trigger devices according to weather
Icon  irrigation system
Irrigation system
Have the perfect garden with precise watering system
Icon  swimming pool automatisation
Swimming pool automatization
Smart up your swimming pool, automatize the heating, cleaning
Icon  sauna and wellnes automatisation
Sauna and wellness automatization
Have your own spa ready for you anytime
Icon  curtain control
Curtain control
Have a smart control over your curtains, shutters, shaders
Icon  Remote management 04
Remote control
Full control over your smartphone, wherever you are.
Icon  Machine learning
Machine learning
System evolves and improves by the time
Icon  Communication between devices
Communication between devices
Precise information exchange
Icon  Whole building overview
Overview of the building
To know what happens in your building
Icon  Live data
Real time system feedback
React on time, be informed real time.
Icon  big data keeper
Big data keeper in the background
All the data is collected, logged and saved
Icon big user off
Turn off a risky consumer
Turn off the power or devices instantly, no matter where you are
Icon  poplavasensor w
Flood sensors
In a case of a flood, Pierre shuts off the water supply via a special valve and sends you a notification
Icon  sensordima w
Smoke detectors
It detects smoke and notifies you immediately
Icon  smartalarm w
Smart alarm integration
For maximum security of your home, get notification when alarm is activated
Icon  domovanjesvetla w
Dimming the lights
Dimm the lights easy, via the application
Icon  detektorgaz w
Gas detectors
Sensors detect a gas leak and you immediately get a notification about it
Icon  scenarios w
With one tap, activate as many devices as you want at the same time.
Icon  emergency w
Emergency button
In case of an emergency, pressing the button calls for help