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Security system

Icon  Alarm integration

With Pierre, you can set different ways of activating and disabling the alarm


Office hours


Set an interval for the alarm to work. It can be active, for example, from 8 in the evening until 7 in the morning. The first employee that comes disables the alarm with one tap in the application. After work hours, Pierre automatically activates the alarm until the morning. Besides this, there is an option of Pierre activating the alarm if there is no presence or motion detection inside, for a while. 


Home security


Thanks to Pierre, you have the option of managing the alarm system easier than ever. With one application you can control alarms, and activate them in different parts of the house. With one tap in the application, you can easily activate the alarm and secure the house at any moment. You can also set Pierre to automatically lock all the doors, turn off the lights and activate the alarm, once you've left the house.