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Heating and cooling control

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With Pierre, you can manage the heating and cooling on several different levels 





Set up the interval for the heating or cooling to be on, for example from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. Another option is to start it up when the gate or garage door opens. You can also trigger it when you enter the house by detecting your presence. 


Mobile location is another great option, and you can set Pierre to activate heating or cooling when you enter a radius of 1000 m around the house, example. 


Also, when you leave the house Pierre can turn off the heating or cooling, without you worrying about it.


You can set up several different modes for heating, and with one tap in the application, turn the heating and cooling off or on only in certain rooms, or in the whole house, plus you can set a different temperature for different rooms, and easily control it, even remotely.





Pierre can regulate the heating room by room or floor by floor - what works best for you. Guests can also change temperature according to their needs. 


In case you need to maintain a certain temperature, use a stand by mode, or create your own mode that suits your hotel routine the most. This way the system is working optimally and saving energy.  


With Pierre, you can define your own way of triggering the heating and cooling.