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Heating and cooling

Pierre is compatible with all systems, whether it's a simple smart thermostat or a complex heating/cooling system.
Pierre will cope with it!


Heating systems

Every home heating system is different. Pierre’s job is to make your heating system more convenient and simple
Set the temperature that you want, sit back, and relax. Pierre optimizes, turns off, turns on, saves, and makes decisions on its own.

The Pierre controller can act as a smart thermostat or even a controller for complex heating systems in residential buildings, hotels or office buildings.

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Remote control

You can control the heating and cooling remotely, so being physically away is not a problem, yet again! If you’ve left for vacation and don’t want the air conditioner working, let Pierre turn it on just before you return and enjoy the temperature you want at home. 

Remote control can also be useful when you are not away. When your daily routine has an unexpected turn, it’s good to know you can always change the room temperature remotely.  

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Heating and cooling
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Remote control

You can control the heating and cooling in the house from anywhere with the APP.

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Energy saving

By registering the outside and inside temperature, the system controls your cooling / heating with optimal energy utilization. Maximum energy saving with minimum costs.

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Automated heating / cooling

You can create an unlimited number of automatic settings to suit your needs. Your system will heat or cool only when necessary. 

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Standard thermostat mode

Pierre can also operate in simple thermostat mode when it “just” turns the heating on and off.

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Split air-condition control

Pierre easily controls all WI-FI equipped air conditioners without any additional modules.

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Modbus integration

Through MODBUS, Pierre communicates and collaborates with any industrial system. The number of possibilities is unlimited.

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From a simple thermostat to a sophisticated multi-apartment heating system, Pierre is compatible with every heating system.

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True comfort comes when everything works your way, and you don’t need to deal with it. This is exactly the type of comfort Pierre offers. 

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Building protection

By setting sensor limits, it protects the building from sudden heat or extreme cold.

With heating / cooling automation, the blinds work together for optimal building temperature. Convenient and cost effective!


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Instant info

You can check the room temperature at any time, remotely. 

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Pierre tracks and logs our energy consumption. We can monitor our trends for further optimization. 

Heating and cooling automation

Do you want to have the same temperature at your home but also think that you don’t need automation? You may be wrong. 

You can’t even imagine the countless options that will save energy consumption, increase your comfort or are just really, really cool. 

Here are some examples of what Pierre can do:

  • Turn the cooling off if the door is constantly open.
  • Control the heating and cooling according to the outdoor temperature - turn the devices on and off. For example, if it's only 30 degrees outside, you don't necessarily want to use cooling, but if there’s a heatwave and the temperature rises above 35 degrees, Pierre will turn on the air conditioner immediately.
  • With time-based automatic settings, we can set the system to heat the house only at night or choose the days you don’t want the heating on. 
  • The system can start heating / cooling automatically once someone arrives home and opens the door or gate 
  • Endless possibilities to make your home ideal! 


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Air conditioning control

You don't need any extra tools. Pierre can control all new air conditioners with a built-in WI-FI modem, which 90% of them already have. Pierre can effectively control the top ac brands - Gree, LG, Samsung.

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Industrial integration - MODBUS

Pierre can successfully communicate with any industrial system via MODBUS, thus increasing the number of possibilities.