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Smart Home von Pierre - Apple iOS Integration
Hey Siri!

Apple integration (iPhone, IPad, Homepod)

Apple integration (iPhone, IPad, Homepod)

We have completely integrated Pierre with Apple devices for a unique smart home experience. 

We created personal settings which weren't possible up until now, so Pierre follows our daily routine.

These personal settings and automations can be set by everyone on their own iPhone, so each user can have a separate routine. By doing this, using Pierre is made even more simple and instinctive


Pierre is part of our Apple device

In addition, a huge benefit is that our settings are stored on iCloud and are automatically synced on all our Apple devices. This means that when you change phones or use a new Apple device, for example, buy an Apple TV, Apple Watch, Homepod or iPad, Pierre will be available immediately after logging in.

So, once we set it up on our iPhone, it automatically starts working on other Apple devices. 

Pierre becomes part of the Apple ecosystem and is easily adapted to your daily routine. 
In everyday life this means that if we e.g. set the “Good Morning Scenario” to take place when our alarm clock goes off, but you set the wake up time later, Pierre will adapt to this. 

Apple integration features:
  • full Apple ecosystem integration
  • user-level automations and routines
  • We can also control our home with an Apple watch
  • Apple TV, HomePod compatibility
  • a setting that appears on all our other Apple devices is enough
  • Hey Siri! - voice control
  • iOS widgets for quick access to frequently used functions
  • Apple Shortcuts - This allows us to really customize and create our own automations
  • Apple CarPlay integration
Examples from everyday life:

We can also automate many other moments in our lives. For example, the "I got home scenario" starts automatically when our phone connects to the home Wi-Fi. Alternatively, if our phone detects that we are at work, it will check our home's alarm, doors and energy-efficient heating/cooling settings.

Another possibility is the automatic deactivation of the alarm when our Apple device detects our arrival home.

It can be a useful setting in the summer heat to operate the air conditioner more intensively before arriving home. Since our iPhone device detects when we leave our workplace - it can run a scenario - so that when we get home we are greeted by a home with the right temperature.

These settings can be set using the Apple Shortcuts application.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can also become an integrated part of Pierre and almost all functions can be controlled via Apple watches. If we go running and don’t want to take our phone with us, we can be sure our watch will open the gate and unlock the door. 

Our Apple watch enables us to use voice control for Pierre, so we manage our home without even taking out the phone. 



If all this wasn’t enough, we can also use Pierre widgets as part of Apple’s integration. This way, the most important features of the app will always be available and we can control our home without launching the app.

Hey Siri:

Voice control opens up completely new dimensions in the smart home world. Siri recognizes and manages all the functions via voice control. 

Apple CarPlay:

Of course, Apple CarPlay can be completely integrated, making Pierre part of Apple CarPlay-compatible cars. This means that we can control our home via our car’s display or with the buttons on the steering wheel. We can set up useful automations here as well, using GPS and its advantages. We can control what happens in our home depending on our car’s location. One of the most useful features is opening the garage door when you are near the house. This can be confirmed or discarded via the car display or by voice control.