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Hotels and hospitality

Smart hotels are getting more popular around the world and are slowly becoming a new standard. Pierre's team created a new smart hotel experience and a complete package for hotel owners.

A smart hotel Pierre style

The aim is to control the hotel completely and save resources while providing maximum luxury and convenience for the guests.

Pierre’s top features for hotel management: 

  • Integration with reception software
  • Easy and cost effective room entry
  • Complete control of the building 
  • Building security notifications and alarms
  • Energy saving
  • Human resource optimization
  • Upsell for guests (room service, booking additional services)

For guests: 

  • Maximize guest experience
  • Complete room control via tablet with possibility of using traditional switches 
  • Guest greeting mode upon arrival 
  • Room checkout 

For investors: 

  • Smart hotel consulting from the start 
  • Our engineers become part of the planning phase and follow through the implementation
  • We provide training and assistance with Pierre installation  to partner companies