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The intercom is a simple system and our intention was to keep it that way - meaning it has become even easier to install and use.
Our system has enabled you to answer both the landline phone and the mobile phone and therefore talk to the visitor wherever you are. Also, you can now let somebody in even if you are not home. 

Intercom with the usual function

We have kept the traditional intercom concept. We have an external intercom unit with a camera. If someone rings we can communicate and let them in.

What is new? 

There is no need for a big internal unit because the intercom works within the Pierre APP. 


  • Wherever you are, you can communicate with the person in front of your door and even let them in remotely. 
  • There is no need for the usual indoor unit, but if you prefer to have one, it is enough to place an elegant tablet somewhere in the house.
  • No new APP, no new device, the Pierre APP is all you need to control the whole house.
  • Pierre detects if the intercom is active and immediately suggests  the gate opening - fast and convenient
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Smart intercom
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Integrated intercom

No separate unit is required. From now on, the intercom is a part of your mobile application. Combine it with other commands and settings!

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Remote intercom access

You can let your guests or staff in remotely once you are sure it is safe to open the gate. You can talk to the person in front of the door remotely via your mobile phone.

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Remote entry

You can also let in your staff, family members and delivery remotely once you are sure it is safe to open the gate.  

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Tablet on a wall

There is no need for the usual internal intercom unit anymore. If you still want a place for it inside, put an elegant tablet on the wall that can control every point of the house in addition to the intercom function.

It rings on your mobile or tablet

Imagine how convenient it is for your intercom to ring on your mobile phone or tablet!

There is no need for a separate indoor unit or device, you can open the door from the comfort of your armchair.

Answer the intercom, talk to people, and let them in wherever you are

Use your camera to see what is happening in front of your gate/door at any time via your mobile phone.
If someone rings, you can talk to them on the phone and see them on the camera. Let your staff, family member or a courier in with the touch of a button. 

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