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Pierre okos otthon - épületünk naplózása

Pierre records even the smallest moments.

It’s important to stay updated

Before you read the following, better sit down!

Did you know that an average smart home in a family house needs about 2000-3000 registered actions a day to work optimally? Yes, that means about 1 million actions a year. 

Based on this data, your preferences, and the built-in artificial intelligence, Pierre makes his decisions day by day.

Of course, not all of this data is important to the user. We probably don’t care how many times a day the motion sensor detects movement or how many times Pierre checks the brightness. On the other hand, we may be interested in who opened the door, who entered when, how long the heating was on, how much energy was consumed, or exactly when the alarm went off. 

The good news is that all relevant information can be viewed, retrieved, and filtered in the Pierre app. We can see what was going on in the building in a matter of seconds. 
In addition to this, we can also check who turned on a particular scenario or who was the last person to open the door.