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Office buildings

Make your office building attractive and innovative with Pierre! 

We create a whole new office building experience with Pierre

The office is safer, more economical, and pleasant.
There are plenty of benefits for both the employees and the owner. 

No more keys, maximum flexibility: 

  • Employees can enter with either a code or a magnetic card
  • Time of entry can be limited, for example, no employee can open the door after 8 pm
  • The gate can be opened using license plate recognition
  • Doors and gates can be opened via mobile phone
  • Set Weekend mode to avoid employees entering during that time 
  • Multiple roles can be set up easily  
  • Certain doors can be opened by users with a higher level of authorization 
  • Manage the users quickly and easily

Safety first

  • The doors lock automatically when no one is in the office 
  • The alarm is deactivated as soon as the first employee arrives at the office, but in the evening or as soon as no one is in the office, it turns on again automatically
  • The system alerts you if a door or window is open
  • The system warns you if gas or smoke are detected 
  • Turns off the power in the office due to unusual, above the average consumption 

No switches 

  • With motion and presence sensors, you never have to bother with switches again 
  • Turn the lights on and off automatically- Pierre makes it possible 
  • It controls heating and cooling so you can always have the right temperature 
  • It also monitors air quality, turning on the aeration system if necessary

Energy optimization

  • If there is no one in the office, Pierre turns the lights off 
  • If the window has been open for a long time, Pierre turns off the heating or cooling so no energy is wasted 


Remote access and control

  • Office owners can check their offices from anywhere, anytime via their mobile phone
  • Apart from checking, they can also control it remotely