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Access control at ICB

Thanks to smart system Pierre you have easy keyless access to any type of entrance, with the option of giving different access permissions to different people and managing it remotely

Reference - Access control

As we move into the future we step far away from the objects of the past such as keys, for opening the doors. New smart systems offer different ways of entering, and today we present you Pierre, which gives many options, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you the best. 

What can Pierre do for you?
  1. With a simple application on your mobile, you can open the doors, with one tap. 
  2. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) can come in many forms, and again it can be made the way it suits your needs the best. Is it a keycard or key tag, maybe for some entrances even wristband tag - it is up to you. 
  3. Have the system memorize license plate numbers that you need, and when the car approaches if the system recognizes some license plate number, it will automatically open the gate. 
  4. Detection of mobile phone presence nearby. If you set a radius of 100 m, as soon as you enter that range, the gate will open automatically once  Pierre locates your smartfone GPS position. This goes for any radius you set and it is applicable to any type of doors. The same works once you go away. As soon as you leave a previously set radius, Pierre locks all the doors behind you.
  5. Someone is at the door, and when the bell rings, your mobile phone rings also and instead of running to open the door, you simply look in the application who is it, and with one tap you open the doors. From the comfort of your couch, or even when you are not at home, have a full overview of the front door, and can be sure to whom you are opening the doors. 
  6. Set a specific time frame for doors to be locked or unlocked, choose days, weeks and set the interval that suits you the best, and Pierre automatically works according to these previous settings.
  7. Logging of every valid and invalid access
Reference - Access control
The benefits


  1. Keyless entry
  2. You choose which way of access suits you the best
  3. Automatic door opening without any human interference
  4. Control with one application
  5. Grant or revoke access to different people at any moment
  6. Remote access control
  7. Tracking of all the access logs in the application
  8. Elegant entry without any effort
  9. Check with smartphone who is at the door, and open them
  10. Different setting of access for different doors and different people
  11. High level of security
Reference - Access control


  1. Any type of gate, garage doors or entrance door
  2. Suitable for home, office, building, hotel
  3. Warehouses, stores
  4. Any types of small and big bussinesses
Need a quality access solution?

Automatize your world with Pierre.