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Carmen Residence, Opatija

Pierre is fully tailored according to the needs of the client to provide maximum comfort to all residents of Carmen Residence.

Carmen Residence
System features that have been implemented
  1. Light group control
  2. Led lights dimming
  3. Floor heating + air conditioning control
  4. Ventilation control
  5. Blind control (lifting - lowering via the application or automatically according to the set criteria)
  6. Front door control (unlocking - locking via the application) + RFID card or bracelet
  7. Smart alarm system (activation, deactivation, notification via the application)
  8. Video surveillance integration
  9. Flood detection function in sanitary facilities
  10. Garage entrance ramp control (opening via application + RFID cards)
  11. Panic button function
  12. Lawn watering by zones
  13. Notifications for doorman of all events
  14. Smart intercom
  15. Wellness entrance control
Carmen Residence Opatija

The building accommodates a total of 35 residential units, of which 12 are one-bedroom, 10 two-bedroom, 11 three-bedroom, and 2 penthouses. The property has a wellness center and an outdoor pool.

Carmen Residence

The entrance to the building is from the street side and oriented this way so that all apartments have a sea view from their living area.

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With Pierre, the building will be more luxurious, more economical, and tailored to the wishes of the guests.