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Digital Hive office building

As the future is changing rapidly, and everything around us is becoming smart, it's time to take advantage of these moments and make our time spent at the office more efficient and productive. 

Reference - Digital Hive

Pierre looks after the office, even when you are not present, so now, the workday can start smoothly, with Pierre taking care of optimal temperature in the office, fresh air, lights, and doors, even before you arrive.

What can Pierre do for you?
  1. Automatic heating and cooling regulation in different office sectors, and spaces
  2. Ventilation and air conditioning control
  3. One application for managing access and devices
  4. Tablets in every room for managing temperature and lights
  5. Different permissions for access for different people
  6. Full overview and control from one device
  7. Live feed of all the information, and changes
  8. Alerts and notification
  9. Intelligent light control thanks to motion sensors
  10. Location-based trigger for access control and device control
  11. Logging every access
  12. Smart irrigation system
  13. Logging all the data about energy and water consumption
  14. Office intervals for device working
  15. Smart intercom for access control
Reference - Digital Hive
The benefits


  1. More productive employees
  2. Easy regulation of temperature and lights
  3. More efficient workday
  4. No repetition of menial mechanical tasks that unnecessarily take our time away
  5. Better work conditions in the office
  6. High level of security
  7. Keyless entry
  8. Energy-saving system 
  9. Cost optimization
  10. Control from smartphone
  11. Attractive and modern office


  1. Any type of office
  2. Different types of workspaces
  3. Factories
  4. Big and small enterprise companies
Want to power up your office?

Pierre is the right move.