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Irrigation automatisation at DigitalHive office

If you have a big agricultural business, or just enjoy having a beautiful garden, smart irrigation system Pierre is the perfect solution for you. 

Reference - Irrigation automatisation

Sometimes It must be exhausting watering your garden, field, a vineyard on time, in the right moment. This is where Pierre steps in and takes upon the challenge to do the best work on your behalf. Now visualize it.

What can Pierre do for you?
  1. Automatized regulation of watering to ease or eliminate labour
  2. Watering is done according to the needs of different plants divided by different sectors
  3. Set intervals for watering, when to repeat it, a certain time, day, week or month for as many times you like, and Pierre regulates it automaticaly
  4. Easy management with one application
  5. Thanks to weather forecast integration Pierre calculates the ideal watering time 
  6. Option for manual working
Reference - Irrigation automatisation
The Benefits
  1. Pierre automatizes watering in a way that it suits your needs
  2. Plants are properly nurtured, in the right moment
  3. Remote management
  4. Once set, Pierre automatically works without your interference
  5. The option of pausing watering in one sector or all of them
  6. Highly reliable system 
  7. An open system that allows growth over time to answer your needs
  1. Any type of green areas around your home, office, hotel or building
  2. Gardens with many different types of plans
  3. Vineyards
  4. Agricultural business
  5. Sports ground and courts
Are you dreaming about perfect garden?

Pierre can make it happen.