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Pierre implementation in penthouse apartments

Implementacija Pierra u penthouse stanove
Penthouse 200m2 functionalities
  1. Light group control
  2. Heating/cooling control
  3. Ventilation control
  4. Blind control (lifting - lowering via the application or automatically according to the set criteria)
  5. Front door control (unlocking - locking via the application)
  6. Smart alarm system (activation, deactivation, notification via an application)
  7. Power control by rooms
  8. Intercom integration, if possible (depending on type and model)
  9. Video surveillance integration
  10. A function that shows whether the windows / front door is open
  11. Smoke detection function
  12. Flood detection function in sanitary facilities
  13. Sauna control (if possible)
  14. Jacuzzi control (if possible)
  15. Floor heating control on terraces
  16. Irrigation - drop by drop control on terraces

Pierre is entirely tailored for each client according to the needs of the housemates and to please even the most demanding users of the smart house system to achieve maximum living comfort

Penthouse 240m2 funcionalities
  1. Lighting control inside the building
  2. LED lighting dimming  in 6 zones
  3. Motion sensors for lighting automation
  4. Heating/cooling control:
    • Gas floor heating, air conditioning on split air conditioners
     (software integration) 
  5. Water solenoid valve control
  6. Flood sensors integrated
  7. Video surveillance integration
  8. Entrance door control - lock, unlock via smartphone
  9. Intercom integration if possible (depends on the manufacturer what will be installed)
  10. Blind control in 6 groups lowering - raising
  11. Door and window sensors - notifications if something is open
  12. Gym ventilation control
  13. Smoke sensor
Pierre verzija 2.2

Improved version 2.2

Version 2.2 brings a number of innovations to the design. After detailed testing, we have successfully implemented a completely new design of the home screen (dashboard) so that the user has even easier and simpler access to all important segments of the application.

The improved design keeps up with the changes. Elegant lines, clear response when performing various functions, enable very easy navigation after only a few encounters with the application.

Apartment 105m2 functionalities
  1. Lighting control inside the building
  2. Blind control in 6 groups, lowering - raising
  3. Heating/cooling control
  4. Front door control (unlocking - locking via the application)
  5. Smart alarm system (activation, deactivation, notification via the application
For maximum comfort in home

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