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In this case, Pierre takes care of the entire hotel


Tesla Smart Hotel
  1. Entrance door lock - unlock function, via smartphone
  2. Possibility of RFID unlocking via cards
  3. Smart Intercom, video call to a mobile phone, unlocking from any location
  4. Implementing video surveillance in the application
  5. Smart alarm - notification - activation - deactivation, via the application
  6. Heating and cooling function
  7. Ventilation integration
  8. Blinds control
  9. Window sensors
  10. Motion sensors + light sensors for outdoor and indoor light groups
  11. Different light groups inside the house
  12. Different light groups outside the house (outdoor lighting)
  13. Flood sensors in sanitary facilities
  14. Power off - function - when no one is in the apartment
  15. Weather notification
  16. Smart irrigation function


Tesla Smart Hotel - Pierre smart hotel solution
Tesla hotel - Pierre smart hotel

Highlighted features

When a customer books the apartment, Pierre receives a notification, gives the customer access to unlock the door, and prepares the room for the time when the guest should arrive -(Pierre turns on heating or cooling, opens the blinds, droops in the fresh air, deactivates the alarm and everything is ready for the arrival of a new guest - also when the guests leave the room, Pierre automatically sends a notification to the maid so the room can be cleaned, and deactivates all the listed functions)

Thanks to the weather station, Pierre detects and informs the guests via their phone, about the possible weather conditions during the staying. This way they can go out prepared, whether with an umbrella or sunglasses. Also, the devices adapt to the current weather, e.g. in case of a storm, it reports that a window is open and closes the blinds.



With Pierre, the hotel will be more luxurious, economical, and adjusted according to the guest’s wishes.