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TSC Sports Academy

Pierre completely frees sport spirit in the academy, for students can devote more to their activities, and teachers have a full overview of the situation and school all the time. 

  Reference - TSC Sports Academy

Smart system Pierre takes care of all those repetitive and non-useful tasks, students, and other school-life participants unnecessary use their time for. With Pierre as their partner of the day, everyone is more comfortable and efficient. 

What can Pierre do for you
  1. Automatic heating and cooling regulation in different rooms, sectors, and spaces
  2. Ventilation and air conditioning control
  3. One application for complete school overview
  4. Shader control in the conference room for the presentation time
  5. Special light scenes for different occasions
  6. Access control with keycard
  7. Tablets in students rooms and other spaces for managing temperature and lights
  8. Limited students entry to specific rooms and areas, different permissions for teachers, and other TSC participants
  9. Full overview and control from one device
  10. Live feed on all the information, and changes
  11. Alerts and notification
  12. SOS option in case of emergency
  13. Intelligent light control thanks to motion sensors
  14. Gate and ramp control with license-plate recognition
  15. Logging every access
 Reference -  TSC Sports Academy
The benefits
  1. Student are more focused on sports
  2. Easy regulation of temperature and lights
  3. High level of security
  4. Keyless entry
  5. Energy-saving system 
  6. Cost optimization
  7. With one application follow student whereabouts 
  8. Modern school
  Reference - TSC Sports Academy
  1. Primary, secondary, high school
  2. Students dorm
  3. Art academies 
  4. Faculties
  5. Students complex
Does this sound interesting?

Bild smart academies with Pierre.