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Una Casa, Subotica

Implementation of the Pierre system throughout the whole building

Una Casa image
Features to be implemented
  1. Smart intercom
  2. Garage door control
  3. Control of all light groups
  4. Blind control (raising - lowering via the application and buttons)
  5. Zone heating control
  6. Air conditioner integration (via software)
  7. Video surveillance integration
  8. Front door sensors
  9. Sensors in the windows
  10. Flood sensors in sanitary facilities + solenoid valve to shut off the water in apartments
  11. Smoke sensors in kitchens
  12. Dimming certain LED lights
  13. Control of specific sockets
  14. Control of fans in bathrooms
  15. Light sensors in apartments
  16. Calling the elevator via the app
  17. Control of watering in the yard

When building the Una Casa building, care was taken of all the details, from the materialization to the functionality of all the apartments with an emphasis on the possibilities of the smart building system.