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Okos lakóépületek és lakóparkok minden Pierre-vel

Pierre has been developed to fully meet the needs of residential buildings and residential parks.

Overview of the most important functions:

Apart from the smart features available in the apartments, Pierre is also integrated in the rest of the building. Here are some of the important features and functions in apartment buildings: 

  • A whole new approach
  • The intercom becomes part of Pierre and turns smart 
  • If someone rings, we can see it on our mobile phone and let them in,  no matter where are we  
  • An elegant tablet on the wall instead of a traditional intercom unit
  • Lower installation costs

Entrance, main entrance door and garage units:

  • entrance, main entrance door and garage units  
  • the main entrance door can be opened using our mobile phone
  • the main entrance door can also be opened with a magnetic card and its own code
  • Pierre provides access from anywhere in the world 
  • the garage door can be opened with a mobile phone or even license plate recognition
  • Adding magnetic cards, access codes, and license plates is done easily in the Pierre mobile app 

Common areas and saving energy:

  • Pierre can also be used in common areas
  • lighting automation is energy-efficient and cuts expenses 
  • Automation set to suit all the residents 
  • Save energy with night light modes or common area heating optimization 
  • we can integrate cameras and make them accessible to everyone
  • common area costs can be significantly reduced

For investors and builders:

  • Pierre’s team provides full professional support from the very start 
  • We provide training and assistance to electrical contractors installing Pierre
  • There is a possibility of making “smart ready” buildings
  • Special offers for investors