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Is the safety of your family and valuables important to you? 
Problems usually come when we least expect them, and only then do we realize that prevention would have been easier. 
Pierre has built-in security features to keep your loved ones and valuables ​​safe.

Pierre looks after everything - smart notifications

Pierre’s sensors are placed in certain parts of a building. The sensors enable it to monitor all events and ensure safety. You can choose from hundreds of sensors.

Here are some examples of what Pierre responds to: 

  • smoke detection;
  • gas leak
  • carbon monoxide leak
  • water leak, pipe rupture.

The notification can be sent as a message to your mobile phone or you can add other  options of notification such as an alarm, lighting, phone calls etc.

Once you set everything up for the first time, Pierre will constantly monitor the events and notify you in case of danger. 

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Pierre reacts in case of danger

Pierre notifies you in case of danger, but what’s more important is that it reacts accordingly. For example, if there is a water leak, Pierre closes the vent pipe, if it detects smoke, it cuts off the power in the house. 

However, let’s think of some other, less dramatic situations. 

For example, if there is a storm, it will automatically close the blinds. If the garage door is open for more than 30 minutes, it will notify us. It can alert us if a certain door and window has been left open during the night.  

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Fire detector / Smoke detector

If Pierre detects smoke in a room, it reacts immediately. It activates the alarm, turns the power off in the building, and calls you. 


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CO detection

Carbon monoxide is “invisible” to human senses. When CO leakage is detected, a sound or light alarm can be activated as well as the alarm in the mobile app. 


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Flood detection / Water leakage, pipe rupture

There’s been a pipe rupture or water leakage in the apartment? If Pierre detects unwanted water, it automatically shuts off the water and notifies you. 

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Security protocols

Customize your security protocols through the Pierre app, so they suit your needs! 

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Open door detection

The system warns you if a door or window has been left open. Pierre turns off the heating and cooling if necessary. 


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Power off

In case smoke or CO is detected, Pierre will automatically turn off the power in the whole building. You can also use the app to turn off the power in a specific room to avoid unnecessary power consumption. 


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Sound and light in case of danger

In case of emergency, you can program Pierre to flash lights and give out sound signals to draw attention to an unusual event.

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Storm alarm

In order to protect your house Pierre will automatically close the shutters and the pergola and send you a notification.

More sophisticated security options

Pierre can control the power consumption of all sockets. It can automatically disconnect certain outlets when, for example, we are not at home. 
This eliminates the possibility of leaving the iron or stove on in the house. Pierre notifies us about a potentially dangerous situation, and we can intervene remotely. 

In addition, there are countless other options. For example, when the alarm is activated, your blinds will close automatically, which will provide extra protection for your house. 

Our experienced professionals and Pierre provide you with safety you have never experienced before.

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Presence Simulator

Perhaps one of Pierre’s most interesting features is the presence scenario which simulates your presence in the house
Are you worried about the safety of your house and valuables while you are away? 
Pierre gives you a simple solution. Just turn on the scenario in your app and the simulator will leave the impression of you being home. The blinds go up in the morning and  the outdoor lights turn off. In the evening, the blinds go down and the lights, music, and other sounds turn on/off in the living room. 

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