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Pierre okos otthon medence és szauna vezérlés
Sauna and swimming pool

Who doesn’t want to relax in their own wellness after an exhausting day at work? No need to travel or wait in line, and no one to disturb your peace and quiet. 
Pierre makes this special experience even more convenient by warming everything up, turning it on and preparing it for you. Comfort at your fingertips. 
Impress your guests with a superb home wellness experience. 

Complete pool control

With the help of Pierre, the maintenance and use of the pool will be truly carefree for you.
The water cleaning system, the UV lamp, the automatic chlorine dispenser or even the pool covering and uncovering is super easy to control
If you automate these tasks, you can sit back and forget about maintenance - your pool water will always be ready to use. 
Pierre can do even more than that: it can monitor the water temperature and adjust the parameters or turn on the heater, and provide optimal temperature. 

sauna Čongor
Pool party scenario

A perfect example of the advantages Pierre’s scenarios can offer. 
Just imagine how cool it would be to uncover the pool, turn on the lights in it, the massage fans, sauna, and the ambient garden lighting with a single click in your app. 

Click here to read more about scenarios and their potential!

sauna pool party
Sauna and pool
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Pool management automation

Pierre controls and manages the water purification system, UV lamp, and automatic chlorine dispenser for you. Pool maintenance solved! Sit back and enjoy the crystal clear water.

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Automatic pool cover

The covering and uncovering of your pool can be automated, controlled remotely or  by using a switch. 

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Water temperature report

If the water in the pool is colder than the set temperature, Pierre notifies you or turns the heater on. 

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Pool party scenario

Comfort with a touch: uncover the pool, turn on the sauna heating, the pool lights, the massage jets, the music, and the garden lights. 
Pierre’s scenarios come alive with a single click. 

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Jacuzzi control

There is nothing better than relaxing in the jacuzzi after a long day. Start heating the water via the app as soon as you finish work. 

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Sauna control

Warm up the sauna remotely so it has the right temperature by the time you and your guests arrive. 

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Sauna temperature notification

Pierre will notify you once your sauna has reached the desired temperature.

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Pool heating control

All you have to do is set the temperature you want, sit back, and relax. Pierre makes sure it is ideal and just the way you prefer it. 

Sauna, jacuzzi control

You can control other wellness areas in the house. Turn the sauna on remotely, so you can use it as soon as you get home. You can also ask to be notified once your sauna reaches the desired temperature. You can control the jacuzzi the same way, so your entire wellness area is in your pocket and gives you extra comfort.

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