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Pierre okos otthonnal időt takarítasz meg
Save time

How about 2-3 extra days off a year? 


Are you aware that Pierre not only makes your daily life more convenient and comfortable, but can also give you and your family 2-3 days off a year?

Incredible, isn't it?

Let's check the facts:

Pierre registers 2000-3000 actions in a house every day out of which 100-200 are done by the homeowners in a traditional, non-smart setting. In a personalized, Pierre equipped home, these actions become automated. 

Let's count:

Let’s suppose an average routine task or moment that Pierre does for you takes about 5 seconds. That means that Pierre saves approximately 10 minutes a day. If we do the math, that means 3600 minutes a year which is 60 hours or 2-3 days a year

We, as Pierre developers, believe that time is the most precious gift. Instead of moving the blinds up, adjusting the heating, turning the lights on/off, activating and deactivating the alarm, you can spend these extra 2-3 days a year with your loved ones.