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Pierre Smarthome - Szenarien

Scenarios are one of the most important things if you want a really smart home.

Scenarios: a series of actions that can be performed with a single click, which can also be automated the way you want  (e.g. "waking up in the morning" or "getting home from work")

In the Pierre application, you can create scenarios to control multiple devices at once. This is very practical, convenient, and time saving in many cases.

Imagine the following situation at your home:

The “Good morning” scenario:

It pulls up all the blinds every morning at 7am, switches the lights to day mode, deactivates the night alarm, and turns the heating up.

The “Leaving home” scenario:

It switches off all the lights in the house, turns down the heating, checks and, if necessary, closes the garage door and activates the alarm.

The “Watching a movie” scenario:

It turns off unnecessary lights in the house and turns on a pleasant dimmed backlight in the living room.

The “Good night” scenario:

With one click, we lower all the blinds, turn on the night lights in the yard, turn off all the lights in the house, and set the heating to night mode.

Automated scenarios

The possibilities and variations are endless. Everyone can create a scenario according to their own needs in a few moments. It can save you a lot of time and is very convenient.

But the real power lies in the fact that these scenarios can be automated. In this way, we can truly create a smart home that works according to our own and our family's needs.

The automation can be time-based, when, for example, we start the "good morning" scenario every weekday morning at seven o'clock. On the other hand, a scenario can also be activated to open the gate, for example when we get home from work.

The hybrid scenario switching system can also be extremely useful. This means that we can start a scenario not only with the help of the application, but also with a physical wall switch. This again opens perspectives that can be extremely useful. Imagine being able to turn off all the lights in the house or even open the gate with the help of a switch.

The most important characteristics of the scenarios:
  • Multiple devices can be controlled simultaneously with one scenario
  • It can be easily created through the Pierre app
  • The scenarios can be automated
  • Scenarios can also be triggered by physical wall switches
  • Automating scenarios can be time-based or dependent on other events
  • They make our everyday lives more comfortable
  • Time saving