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Shades and blinds

Shades and outdoor blinds are mostly needed to protect your privacy. 
However, with some help from artificial intelligence, your shades do not only provide protection but also save money. Pierre can help! 

What do we mean by shading and what makes it “smart “?

In everyday terminology, shading means covering the windows, most often with shutters or blinds. Other shading products can be traditional curtains. Apart from windows, you can also cover the terrace, pool or other garden objects.

Pierre can help you manage and control all the mentioned shading techniques. From the moment Pierre takes over, a multitude of functions become available. Get a new perspective on ambience, safety and, energy efficiency

Everything that can be controlled can be automated, as well. Once this is done, your home truly turns smart and provides maximum convenience and comfort. 

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Shutter automation in a building

Shutters are still the most common shielding solution in our country. The right shutters increase the comfort of our home, save energy and provide extra protection against burglary.

Here are just a few examples of what Pierre can do with motorized shutters:

  • No more pulling down and putting up the shutters manually. They can now go up or down automatically, based on the time we set or the day/night sensor. 
  • Protect your furniture and house plants from the scorching summer sun. When the Sun shines intensely, the shutters go down automatically. This reduces the need for an air conditioner, saves energy and, keeps the house cool.  
  • Keep the house warm in winter by lowering the shutters automatically or letting in the winter sun. Save on heating costs with Pierre! 
  • When strong winds and storms are approaching, the shutters lower automatically, no matter where you are!
  • Connect your shutters with the alarm. Each time you arm the alarm, Pierre lowers the shutters. It is also possible to pull down the shutters in case of unauthorized entry.

Unlimited possibilities!  Customize your settings easily with the Pierre app. 

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Smart shading
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Storm protection

In case of a storm, the shutters go down to protect the windows and maintain the internal temperature. 

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Energy saving

With the right settings, you can save a lot of energy. The air conditioner and the heater will consume less energy if we protect our windows at the right time.

Frame (2) 7

If the system detects a burglary, Pierre automatically pulls down the shutters.

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Shutter automation

You can automate operating the shutters to your liking. You can set an exact time, assign it to a  certain scenario or simply adjust them to the dark.

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Sunset and sunrise automation

With the help of the light sensor, we can automate the operation of our shutters and blinds. Prepare breakfast with less trouble! 

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Alarm function

There will be no delays if you leave the wake-up call to Pierre. Apart from the light and sound signals, the shutters are also pulled up.

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Good morning scenario

With the “Good Morning Scenario” (which you can customize) the shutters go up, the lights turn on, and the front door is unlocked. You can also set different scenarios for weekdays and the weekend. 

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Remote control

Your shutters and blinds can be controlled remotely. You can control and set up automations at any time via the Pierre app.

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Shutter grouping

Control all the shutters at the same time and pull them up or down with a single click.

Traditional switches and Pierre

Of course, you can also keep the usual, traditional shutter switch which can be easily controlled by everyone. By combining these two functions, the traditional wall connection and the remote-controlled smart system, you get that genuine  sense of comfort. 

Another benefit is that you can manage or close all the shutters at the same time with just one click. The scenario can be activated with a traditional switch, as well. 

By creating scenarios, you can combine the shutter operation with any other controllable device on the premises. This way, by creating a “Good Morning” scenario, you can pull up all the shutters at the same time, turn off the night lights, deactivate the alarm, and unlock the front door simultaneously. 

Click here to find out more about scenarios. 

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