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Smart alarm and camera system
Smart alarm and camera system

Safety is an important aspect for everyone, but we often don’t pay attention to it due to our busy lifestyles. Pierre's smart alarm system keeps  you and your valuable things safe without you even noticing it.

Alarm system

For your smart home to really be comfortable, you need to install a variety of sensors. If you want a traditional alarm system, you will need to install similar sensors in the same  location which is neither nice nor practical, and not to mention the extra cost.

That’s why we’ve developed Pierre’s alarm feature, which knows a lot more than any traditional alarm device on the market. Furthermore,  there are no double sensors, extra cables and additional devices.

You will no longer have to arm and disarm the alarm the old-fashioned way. Instead, you can do all this via your mobile phone or simply automate it. 

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Alarm and camera
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Integrated alarm equipment

Pierre is also an alarm system. In fact, it knows much more than traditional security systems

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Alarm automation

Automated security system with plenty of options. We can automatically activate a certain zone based on the time. If there is no movement in the house, it will automatically arm the security system when required. You can set different evening and weekend protocols.

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Automatic arming and disarming

Assign automatic settings to your alarm. For example, when leaving home, the alarm is activated and when you return home, the alarm is deactivated automatically. 
Pierre saves time and never forgets!

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Remote access

You can check the status of the alarm remotely at any time, from your mobile phone. You can arm and disarm the system remotely if necessary.

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Silent alarm

You can also set a silent alarm and get notifications on your mobile phone. 
For example, you can be notified if someone opens the front door. You can set an unlimited number of silent alarms and keep everything under control. 

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Presence detection

If no presence is detected, Pierre's system will automatically activate the alarm.

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Camera system integration

If you have an IP camera or DVR, it can be easily integrated into the Pierre application. You can control and watch events on your mobile phone.

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Complex alarm system

Set up and control multi-zone complex alarm areas by separate arming and notifications. Add multiple alarm levels to protect your valuables. 

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Panic button

A button that launches a series of pre-programmed functions. It can be visible or hidden and accessible even in the mobile app. 

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Live observation

You can monitor your home, office, industrial facility  or yard from your mobile phone,  anytime and anywhere. Maximum security and control!

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Event logging

Pierre records and stores every single event. You can filter your search in the entry log and find what you are looking for. 

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Delayed alarm

We all know how inconvenient it is when you have to enter or leave the house in a rush due to your alarm. Set the delay option and comfortably activate or deactivate the alarm. 

Takes care of you and never forgets

You forgot to turn on your alarm when you left the house, and now you have to go back. Sound familiar? Or, sitting at work, wondering whether the alarm is on or not…

With Pierre, it's over!

Check whether the alarm system is on or off via the app on your phone. You can also activate or deactivate it remotely. Apart from this, you can automate the alarm easily. 

Here are some examples of setup options:

  • When you close the door, the alarm is activated automatically.
  • When you return home, the alarm is deactivated automatically.
  • For example, you can set the alarm to activate automatically if there is no movement  in the house for 2 hours during the day.
  • Time-based setting is also possible. You can preset certain zones to be activated at a certain time and deactivated afterwards. This makes the evening arming and morning disarming super easy and convenient. 

The number of possibilities is endless. The Pierre alarm system always keeps you and your family safe


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Safety and trust

Complex alarm requirements

There are times when complex requirements are needed, whether it is a family home or  an industrial facility. 

Pierre can keep up with even the most unusual requirements. 

You can create multiple alarm zones inside the building at the same time. By combining the zones, you can arm them individually, protecting your valuables. An optimal solution can be created even with complex building use.

In addition, several levels of alarm can be set. This means that in some cases you just want to know what is going on in the building - for example, someone opens a door or your child returns home from school. In this case, one notification on the phone is enough, it is not necessary to turn on the alarm in the whole house.

Pierre can send you a notification about anything e.g. if someone turns on a light or a device. You don’t have to use every single feature, just those which are important, convenient, and safe for you. 


Camera system integration

If you also need a camera system, you can easily integrate it into your Pierre smart house. You can watch the live recording on your mobile phone via the Pierre APP, from anywhere.

To use the above mentioned  function, all you need is an IP camera or DVR that is easily connected to the Pierre application.

Riasztó és kamera telefon desno