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Pierre okos otthon - beléptetési, kapunyitási lehetőségek
Smart entry

Open the gate and then the front door, enter the apartment- a typical routine, isn’t it? However, everyone must have misplaced their key at one point…
Pierre helps you by having an almost endless variation of door openings that are comfortable, flexible, and secure

Keyless door and gate opening even remotely

It would be so nice not to think about keys anymore, wouldn’t it? They are heavy, never seem to have their place, get lost easily or just feel uncomfortable in our pockets. 

Pierre puts an end to this!

The possibility of using the traditional key will always remain, but from now on, your life will be simpler!

We have several options, but the easiest is to take out your mobile phone and use the Pierre APP to simply open the door or gate. Another advantage is that we can do this remotely. If someone is in front of our house and we want to let them in, click and it’s done. 

Solving the problem no matter where we are.

Rfid and numeric code entry

These options have numerous benefits.

For example, if your child hasn’t got a cell phone yet, we just need an Rfid card to ensure entry. The card can be placed in a bracelet, necklace or even a teddy bear that opens the door when close to the reader. 

Apart from the Rfid card option, you can choose numeric code access, which certainly eliminates all possible access problems. Just think how easy it is to give the housekeeper or gardener a card or a numeric code. You can easily set up validity to a certain day or time interval and instantly withdraw permission, if needed. You don't have to worry about getting the keys or card back or replacing the lock once the person doesn`t work for you anymore.

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Security first - alarm synchronization

In addition to opening doors and gates, security is a very important thing. Pierre is designed with a very complex security protocol so that only you or someone you give permission to can open it. Third party access is out of the question.

Due to the fact that Pierre can also be used as an alarm, we have designed features that make everyday life easier.

You can set Pierre's smart alarm system to automatically activate once you leave your home. The alarm deactivates when you return home and open the gate, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

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Smart entry
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Remote access

 The application allows you to give anyone access remotely at any time with a single click. Access rights assigned to different roles can be managed remotely, as well.

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No longer necessary to carry all those keys around. Choose from several keyless entry options!

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Entry with mobile phone

With the Pierre Smart APP, you can easily access your property at any time. Available for Android and iOS devices.

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Access with magnetic card

You can also use a magnetic card (rfid card) for entry, which is practical and convenient for storing. This is the easiest way to give someone (housekeeper, gardener, family member) temporary access.

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Numeric access

For even more security, you can use a numeric code to open doors. In this case, not even a low battery phone can be a problem and no key is needed. 

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Child-friendly door opening

With Pierre, your child is completely safe. Choose and set the doors your child can open and get a notification about all of them. Your kids will love the rfid products,  whether it’s a bracelet or a stuffed animal. 

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License plate recognition

Pierre recognizes the set license plate and opens the gate or ramp. It even turns on the heating and lighting in the house if you want to.

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Security lock management

Pierre can work with electric multi-point security locks, and you can even check out the door in the application. 

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Restricted access

You can give a certain user access to the premises on a specific day or part of the day.For example, the gardener can use the front gate only on Saturdays. Manage access according to your needs. 

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Automatic alarm management

When Pierre detects that a user arrived home, it automatically deactivates the alarm. The same goes for the other way around, when we leave home, it automatically activates the alarm, so there is no need to pay attention to it, you don't have to worry about forgetting it.

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Each entrance is logged so you can see exactly who entered and left the building. You will have retrievable information about each entry.

Limited access

Limited access is a very sophisticated option. For example, you can allow the gardener to open the garden gate and the shed, but not the front door. Or, for example, not give permission to the housekeeper to enter certain parts of the house (the study). 

Giving someone limited access is a very convenient feature. Time- based access is very useful for temporary/seasonal workers and visits. By controlling access, you have less worries on your mind. 



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License plate and additional comfort options

Pierre recognizes your license plate and automatically opens the garage door or ramp for you.
In addition, after license plate recognition, you can easily set Pierre to deactivate the security system, turn on the lights and adjust the room temperature. 

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