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Watering / Irrigation

Irrigation is now essential for having beautiful flowers and a perfect lawn. Pierre helps your plants get the right amount of water at the right time.
Pierre can also control larger agricultural fields, vegetable gardens, foil tents or any other device installed on the farm. It guarantees optimal, environmentally friendly, economical irrigation via complete automation.

Irrigation automation

Watering is usually done by using a timer which starts the watering process at a specific time. 
Pierre offers the following benefits while making irrigation intelligent:

  • You don't need an additional expensive new device. The Pierre controller can take care of your garden.
  • No complicated programming. You can set everything up in the Pierre APP in just a few seconds.
  • You can set up time-based automations, either on a daily or weekly basis, just the way your plants require it.
  • Pierre detects weather conditions. If it rains or if it’s going to rain, if the soil moisture is adequate, it simply doesn’t water.
  • You don't have to take care of an extra system.
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Farming with Pierre

Irrigation of agricultural land has become increasingly important due to summer drought. Unfortunately, more and more areas and crops need irrigation. Agriculture is changing and precise irrigation techniques are required. 

Pierre offers a wide range of solutions for agriculture.

Here are some:

  • time based settings;
  • decision-making based on soil moisture and the weather;
  • Precise nutrient dosage;
  • remote control;
  • setting up complex water supply for large areas of fields and orchards.
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Precise irrigation / Precise agriculture

If you want to get exactly the right amount of water for your plants, Pierre will take care of it. 

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Saving water

By monitoring weather conditions and soil moisture, Pierre’s system minimizes water consumption. Economical, but most important, environmentally friendly! 

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Automated Irrigation

The secret of a beautiful lawn is properly timed and adequate watering. Pierre provides proper irrigation throughout the year so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Soil Moisture Detection

By registering soil moisture, Pierre's system overwrites the existing settings and turns the irrigation devices on/off according to the requirements. 

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Weather adaptation

By observing weather conditions and the forecast, Pierre is able to make an independent decision about watering. If it is likely to rain, Pierre will not start the irrigation system.

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Agricultural land

Simplify the complete irrigation of large agricultural areas, vegetable and fruit orchards and foil tents with Pierre`s smart management system. 

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Remote control

You can control and convert all zones and automatic settings remotely using your mobile phone.

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Lawn irrigation

It is well known that watering the lawn at dawn is the best. Pierre guarantees an optimal and regular amount of water.

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The control of multi-zone drip systems can be easily and quickly set up and controlled remotely via the Pierre application.

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Fountain control

The Pierre system can control fountains in public places and hotels. 

Humidity sensor and Pierre

One of the advantages of the Pierre smart irrigation system is that there is no unnecessary water consumption. By measuring the soil moisture, Pierre can decide whether watering is necessary or not. 

Save water!

Just think about the following: you have gone on a trip - set up your irrigation system but, in the meantime, it got colder. Your watering system will waste precious water and this amount of water is not good for the plants. 
 With Pierre, this cannot happen. Using the data from the humidity sensor, the system decides that no irrigation is needed. The same goes for the opposite situation. If Pierre detects dry soil, it will provide extra watering to your plants. 

Pierre doesn't waste water. It uses only the amount needed so you can be proud of your beautiful, green lawn without wasting water or money. 

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Fountain, waterfall

When talking about watering systems and irrigation, gardens and lawns come to our mind first.
However, we have many other options with Pierre. Garden pond elements, waterfalls or even larger fountains can be controlled in hotels and public places.
These multifunction systems can be integrated into the Pierre controller to create automated settings. For example, the fountain automatically stops working at a specific time at night, when it is not necessary for it to work 24 hours a day. 

Save energy and water while having spectacular visual effects. 

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