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Product highlights

Icon  Access control 34
Access control
Different options of keyless entry
Icon  Access via mobile phone
Access with smartphone
Use smartphones as a key
Icon  RFID Access
RFID Access
Keyless entry with keycards or RFID bracelets
Icon  License plate 0
License plate recognition
Keyless option for cars
Icon  Remote acces
Remote access management
Control and regulate access remotely
Icon  (Mobile GPS)
Location-based trigger
Trigger devices based on your GPS location
Icon  42
Custom access levels
Give different access roles for different people
Icon  42 0
An infinite number of access log
Tracking and saving all the data in the background
Icon  Alarm integration
Security system
Built in smart security system, live building info over your smartphone
Featured Case Studies
Carmen Residence - Implementacija smart home sistema

Pierre is fully tailored according to the needs of the client to provide maximum comfort to all residents of Carmen Residence.


In this case, Pierre takes care of the entire hotel



Thanks to smart system Pierre you have easy keyless access to any type of entrance, with the option of giving different access permissions to different people and managing it remotely

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Hans Scharinger

CEO| Studio Present GmbH

With a variety of options in access control, we can set different permissions for different people, grant them access to different zones or rooms, and everybody can easily manage their way around. Pierre knows exactly who has access where, and with one application we can do everything, without any complications.

Dušan Dmitrović

CTO|Alarm System

Without any compromise, we have one system that solves everything for the whole school. With one application we can manage activities, control the whole building, and have a complete overview all the time.

Dániel Erdudac

Owner / Executive Director|Erdsoft

Thanks to Pierre everything is automatized and working in our favor, which is truly significant for the office workflow. We can devote more to our job and spent less time worrying about lights, locking the doors, heating or cooling, because Pierre takes care of it all. Complete office overview, at every moment, even remotely, make everything run smoothly. The work is definitely done much more efficiently.